The Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam that has since 1945 of immense service has to say etc story of noble services rendered for the devotees. The Sangham could make everlasting memory in the minds of Ayappa devotees by its vivid services. The success and the secret of the organisation lies on the able leadership, dedication and systematic services of its Volunteers regardless of caste, religion, colour, language and appearances. The Mercy and blessings of Lord Ayappa, the incarnation of Kaliuga has always helped us in solving the problems confronted with the organisation.

The Ayyappa Seva Sangam has been rendering valuable services and assistance for the million of devotees coming from different perks of the country and abroad, crossing seas, deep forest and hills with holiness and customary sites to give offerings and have a Divine view of Lord Ayyappa.

Akila Bharath Ayappa Seva Sangam started in a limited scale has known as a national organisation. Nervousness has no role in the organisation, wide mentality and generosity are the Prime motto of the Society.

All are working for each one and each one is working for all is the modus operandi of the organisation.

There were no medical facilities for pilgrims in 1945 as they get today. When a boy tell ill Dr. Velaudan Pillai attended the boy and healed him and he felt the need for a voluntary organisation for medical help and assistance for pilgrims; an idea of forming Ayyappa Seva Sangam Struck in his mind. Dr. Velaudan Pillai, Achuthan Nair, C.V. Raman Pillai, Krishna Pillai and P. Subramannian Joined together at Pampa on the 12th January in 1945 and decided to form an organisation for giving medical aid and assistance for devotees.

Consequently meeting was held at Sree Chithra Hindu Religious Library in Trivandrum on April 1945 under the Chairmanship of Justice K.S. Govinda Pillai and selected the first executive committee of Akil Bharathia Ayyappa Seva Sangam, Justice K.S. Govinda Pillai was the first President; other office bearers being Dr. P.A. Velayudan Pillai ( General Secretary,  P. Subramannian (Treasurer)

Medical aid, boiled dried ginger water, Annademam (food) were freely provided for pilgrims in 1946 and this custom has been following since then. It was the Ayyappa Seva Sangam that first introduced Loud Speaker facilities in Sabarimala in finding out the pilgrims who were missed from the group.

It is to be remembered that Ayyappa Seva Sangam lighted up electric build and generated Loud Speaker in Pampa and Erumely beside Sabarimala in 1948 even before the beginning of Kerala and the existence of Travancore Devaswom board.

King Chithra Thirunal visited Sabarimala Sannidanam in 1948 and appreciated the services of Ayyappa Seva Sangam; His excellency allotted land for Office building for Sangam below Pathinettampadi (18 the Step) and donated Rs. 700 for it.) A Grant of Rs. 8000 was allotted yearly and land was provided near Pampa Ganapathi Temple for the elaborate services of Sangam.

Sangam has been getting Grants even after Devaswom Board was formed and it has risen to Rs. 15000. But unfortunately grant has been with drawn for few Years.

When Sabarimala temple was set fire and idols were demolished by anti social elements in 1950 Ayyappa Seva Sangam held Ayyappa jyothi and collected huge fund for the removation of the temple.

A world Hindu Conference was held at Shasthamkotta in 1955 under the leadership of Ayyappa Seva Sangam in which delegates from 35 countries participated.

Another admirable work of the Sangam was the Social development of Adivasi and Tribal People. Snagam Volunteers lived together with Tribal People for months in the forest, Provided them food, clothes, money and made them change their social life and style of living.

Kerala Governor V.V.Giri Laid the stone for permanent building for Sangam at Sabarimala in 1962; Sangam could get magnificent office building at Trivandrum in the same years. P. Subramanniam was the president and Adv. Satyavan Pillai was the general Secretary.

Sangam has 3800 branches in India and foreign countries like Singapore, Keniya, Malassia, Sreelanka, USA, France etc. Many Branches has its own temples and worship centres. Tennala Balakrishna Pillai Ex: MP, the former President of Sangam constructed a bridge at Azhutha by M.P. Fund and it will definitely be a great blessings for Sabarimala pilgrims in the future. I use this opportunity gratitude to Tenmala Balakrishna Pillai on behalf of Ayyappa Seva Sangam and its Volunteers.

Ayyappa Seva Sangam has been providing free Medical Aid and Anna denam to the devotees coming through the traditional route Erumely, Azhutha, Kallittakunnu, Karimala, Valiyana vattom, Pampa, Oottupura, Sabarimala for the last 64 years. Service camps are also held in Nilackal, Vadasserikara, Pandalam, Kottayam, Medical College Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Chengannoor, Ranni, Ernakulam, Trissur, Kanyakumari, Valayar, Nemara and such Edathavalums resting places) Sangam could provide Annadamam to maximum devotees during the task Sabarimala season.

Sabarimala Annadanam – A great Service.

Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala is otherwise known as ‘‘Anna dan prabhu’’ and hence distributing food to all devotes is supposed to be an act of benevolence and more over an act of Ayyappa seva) Main aim of Sangam is to Provide free food to maximum devotees arrive at Sabarimala. It is performed by the aid and contribution of Pilgrims come at Sabarimala and hundreds of Sangam Volunteers. We request to all Ayyappa devotees to join this most benevolent Venture by contributing liberally either by cash or kind.

Important Landmarks in the Growth of ABASS

August 1946 At a meeting convened at Sri Chitra Hindu Matha Granthashala, a decision was taken to provide potable drinking water to the pilgrims during their trek. As there were not many hygienic water sources en-route, water had to be carried over long distances by porters, boiled and provided to the pilgrims. It was also decided that whatever medical aid (ayurvedic/allopathic/homoeo)was possible would be provided. The Maharaja of Travancore visited Sabarimala in 1946 AD. Impressed with Sangham activities, he made an on-the-spot donation of Rs.700 to the Sangham and also promulgated an annual grant of Rs.8000.
January 1947 Action was initiated to provide medical aid and to provide “Chukku Vellam” (water boiled and flavoured with dried ginger and herbs)along the pilgrimage route.
April 1947 51 Branches of Ayyappa Seva Sangham were inaugurated.
January 1948 Temporary Hospitals were set up. Lighting arrangements were made to facilitate movement of pilgrims. Public address systems were installed to broadcast religious songs/bhajans/make important announcements and to help re-group pilgrims who had got separated from their respective groups.
July 1948 To spread the organisation to the four divisions of erstwhile Travancore state, Shri Parameshwaran Pillai was appointed. Similarly, the following were appointed for the other regions: Kollam : Shri Shankara Kurup Shastry Kottayam : Sri KK Ilayath Cherthala/ Ambalapuzha/Srikrishnapuram: Shri Raghavan Pillai
August 1948 Under the pioneership of Shri K P Sashtrigal, Shri NP Panikar and Shri Puthezhathu Raman Menon, the inaugural issue of ‘Sree Ayyappan’ magazine was published which till today remains the sole official publication of Sangham. (Nowadays there are two editions, Malayalam edition published from Thiruvananthapuram and a Tamil edition from Madurai).
August 1948 The first financial document (Profit & Loss account of 1947) was presented by Dr PA Velayudhan Pillai.
1949 1949 AD (1127 Malayalam Era). The year 1950 witnessed an unfortunate incident which was as heinous as it was senseless. Anti-social elements set fire to the temple and broke the sacred idol. This act of sacrilege was committed during a period when the temple remained closed as per schedule. The gross act was discovered when the Mel Santhi (Chief Priest) went to re-open the temple during the next session.
1951 Under the leadership of Sir PT Rajan and Advocate Sri Nagappan Nair and others, for the first time, ‘Ayyappa Jyothi’ was ceremoniously taken around Kerala and Tamilnadu. Ayyappa Seva Sangham extended whole hearted support, in every aspect, towards re-construction of the temple.
31 July 1955 The 11th annual meeting of Sangham was inaugurated by the Maharajah of Travancore. A World Hindu Conference was held at Sasthankotta under the leadership of Shri M K K Nair, Dr Nataraj Guru and Swami Nitya Chaitanyathi. Representatives from 36 nations took part. For the social upliftment of Adivasi tribals living between Erumeli and Sabarimala, Dr P A Velayudhan Pillai, Shri PNS Kartha, Shri PK Vaidyan and Kaviyur K C Raja conducted a basic literacy and hygiene awareness campaign. Essential food items and clothing were also provided to the tribals. The team made periodical long duration visits to the jungle.
1962 Shri V V Giri , then Governor of Kerala (later President of India) laid the foundation stone of Ayyappa Seva Sangham Building at Sabarimala. During the tenure of Shri P Subramaniam (Sangham President) and Shri KG Satyavan Pillai (Sangham Secretary), construction activities aimed at building permanent structures for Ayyappa Seva Sangham at Thiruvananthapuram and Sannidhanam began. At Sannidhanam, the building was to have office rooms, medical emergency wing and limited living space. At Pampa, limited office accommodation, free food distribution centre and Dr P A Velayudhan Pillai Memorial Jubilee Mandapam were constructed. Also more than 100 public latrines were constructed at Valiyanavattom and Thiruvabharana Mani Mandapam. At Erumeli, living arrangements for volunteers were organised.